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Floor: Basement Floor

Year Created: 2005

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Founded in 1995 in Izmir, Ne-Sac continues its journey that started by providing design and production services to world-renowned brands, combining experience and quality, and continues as the Lufian brand since 2005. Today, Lufian is rapidly advancing towards becoming a loved and preferred world brand that combines comfort and elegance in men’s casual wear, always raising its product and service quality, generating value for both its customers and employees. Thanks to its large collection structure that offers men the freedom to create their own styles in all areas of life, it enables people who do not like to live in molds to reveal their differences. Turkey and the continued rapid growth in the world every season LUFIAN interests that continue to accompany them to life in the new collection.

Majidimall Slemani
Majidimall Slemani