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Sataan Store

Floor: Basement Floor Year Created:  Official Website: 


Floor: Basement Floor Year Created:  Official Website: 

Bayer Shoes

Floor: Basement Floor Year Created:  Official Website:  We consistently pursue the idea of uncompromising toe freedom. We prove every day that beautiful design and unique wearing comfort do not have to be mutually exclusive.

Honey Baby

Floor: Basement Floor Year Created: 2000 Official Website:  Your baby needs clothes that are comfortable and easy to get on and off so here its for you honey baby all your kid’s needs. From clothes to strollers and any more

Santoria Milano

Floor: Basement Floor Year Created: 1989 Official Website:  Sartoria Milano, having the mission of quality in items with 100% Natural material; over time, succeeded original and quality designs in its products. Meanwhile, Sartoria Milano produces 90% of its products in Turkey, also devotes 10% of place in its store for the design of the world-famous Italian, […]

Madam Coco

Floor: Basement Floor Year Created: 2011 Official Website:  Madame Coco started by offering consumers classic home textile products diversified with European designs and expanded its range of products to include categories beyond home textiles such as glass and crystal, kitchen and tableware, plastic products, leisurewear, personal care products, and cosmetics. By enriching its expansive array of […]


Floor: Basement Floor Year Created: 2000 Official Website:  AVVA, which had an assertive entrance bringing a new conception to men’s wear, has composed a genuine fashion language, that is reflecting men’s spirit, who has style, by the sophisticated, young and trendy collections. AVVA has become one of the most important brands of the Turkish textile sector, […]


Floor: Basement Floor Year Created: 1996 Official Website:  Fradi aims to stand out by producing exceptionally high-quality clothing and accessories that are as comfortable as they are innovative. The epitome of effortless menswear, each collection brings a unique value to your lifestyle while remaining true to a classic aesthetic.


Floor: Basement Floor Year Created: 2005 Official Website:  Founded in 1995 in Izmir, Ne-Sac continues its journey that started by providing design and production services to world-renowned brands, combining experience and quality, and continues as the Lufian brand since 2005. Today, Lufian is rapidly advancing towards becoming a loved and preferred world brand that combines comfort […]

English Home

Floor: Ground Floor Year Created: 2008 Official Website: English Home propose a solution for every client who wants to transform his home into a cosy, stylish and comfortable one, high quality and affordable prices.  

Majidimall Slemani
Majidimall Slemani